Spring Cleaning Time

I just love this picture.

As spring is here, the flowers are blooming and the desert is an unnatural (albeit beautiful) shade of green.

It was spring cleaning time yesterday. I decided to move all of Gwennie's clothes into the guest room so that Rhayn has a room to herself. She did lose her dresser in the move, but that was fine with me. She used it to hide things in, on and under (mostly under).

Gwennie's new closet with the curtains closed.

Although I am positive that Gwennie will not be sleeping in her "new space" anytime soon, she was excited about having it. She wanted me to read to her in there last night, but I wanted to lay in my own bed. Rhayn is happy that she has her very own room, none of Gwennie stuff should be in there and Gwennie has no reason to go in there.

With the curtains open. This room used to be Rhayn's and when it was, she loved pink so I painted the inside of the closet pink.

I cleaned out two closets, the guest room closet was filled with crap we never use as was our linen closet. I came away with 4 very full bags of donation for te VVA next Friday. There are also a few additional items that didn't make it into bags yet.I feel more coming on this weekend. Maybe I will tackle my own closet. HA! I want to rip that completely apart and redo all of it. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike my closet/bathroom? Oh well someday we'll remedy that.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I definitely want to do some spring cleaning around here too! But we all need to get healthy first.. grr..

bodaat said...

can you do my closet first?

Amanda said...

what pretty curtains! I love the idea of painting the inside of a closet. I love painted walls, and closets always seem so left out. Very pretty! Congratulations on your spring cleaning!

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