Yesterday I was inundated with information about a variety of subjects. Lots of things I can't share here because it isn't my information to share. But I have to say that my brain was so full by mid afternoon that I had a near panic attack when Will was driving the family to the other side of the valley to attend a Project Citizen showcase. I had to deeply breath a lot, and stared out the window. I could take in the information that Will wanted to give me, nor could I talk to him about the things that were bouncing around mind (again, not my place and also we have two children with ear that were in the backseat.) I could have used down time but I didn't get that until after 8:30.

I also neglected to eat a real lunch yesterday. What was I thinking?

I learned a few things about Rudolf Steiner the founder of Waldorf education, which Rhayn's school is based upon, that I didn't know. Things that made me really question how anyone could still believe that. Sure he came up with these ideals in the 1920s I think, but the Waldorf Purists still believe some of these things and enforce them at our school. Its just too much for me to handle. Luckily Rhayn's teacher is not one of those purists, and we appreciate him for all that he does at the school and for Rhayn. But he, like everyone else, is not perfect.

Sometimes I think I am reaching my capacity for information. But I want to be a good friend, and I want to listen to others who have problems. I know that often we just need to vent it out, to talk through these things, and we may or may not need any input, just a place to talk about it.

So if you read this, and were one of those who talked to me yesterday before 3 pm, know that I am glad to hear from you, and am glad that you are my friend no matter what I wrote here.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I feel you on this.. Not sure what all happened for you... but I do know that I am the go-to girl when it comes to bad days.. everyone calls me and vents and when they're done with their rant, they let me go. So I'm sitting here with all their baggage and not sure how to digest it all or how to help them (whether they asked for help or not).. I love being the good friend, but it's also a job in itself.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

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