Not the Monster anymore.

To help Gwennie sleep, Rhayn came up with the story of "the Monster". I know I wrote about it but I can't find that post (it happens when you have over a thousand posts.) I think that Rhayn got tired of talking about "the monster" so last night she made this note. She also crocheted a necklace and a puppet for Gwennie. She should have been sleeping, I know that. I thought she was.

I wonder if she knows the tooth fairy and Santa aren't real, since she made this up all on her own. It makes me a little bit sad that she is getting old enough to lose the magic of the world. It makes me sad when I think about kids never having that magic in their lives.

Will and I have discussed how he feels like we are lying to the kids when we talk about Santa. To me, especially since I subscribe to much of the Waldorf philosophy, I feel that fairy tales and the belief in magic are good for a child's development.

When Rhayn was young we watched television constantly, and there was no spirituality in our lives. When she began attending the school she goes to, I watched the joy the children had, how easily they played whatever suited them at the moment and how imaginative their play was. It was easy, especially in kindergarten, to pick out which children watched television at home by their play. The story lines of the play concentrated around movies they had seen. Rhayn was in that category.

Gwennie doesn't watch nearly the amount the television that Rhayn did, and I love her imaginative play. Even Rhayn's imagination has blossomed since we stopped watching the television as much (and being more conscious of what they watch.) And it shows in places like this:

Dear Rhaynnon Gwen
I am not a monster as you think.
I am a fairy. My name is Anna.
And I look like this-->
Love the Fairy Anna

I am in no way saying the television is bad. It isn't we enjoy PBS and have a very active Netflix account. I am only saying that Rhayn watched way too much television when she was in her early formative years.

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Cornfed Princess said...

I love that she's using her creativity to help Gwennie - love those girls!

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