Cycles, TMI? Probably.

As everyone knows, we are attempting to increase our family. It looks like month number one was a wash. It was fun trying though! *wink wink* I have all the signs of a lovely moon time arriving in the next few days.

As you also know, I track my cycles with MyMonthlyCycles.com. I looked back over the last year and noticed that I have an average cycle length of 29 days. This is because my cycles range from 27 to 32 days. Nearly every other month is the 27 day cycle. This month falls into that category so I should expect Aunt Flo to rear her ugly head on Thursday. She knocked on the door this morning with some spotting. I get that nearly every month, 2 days prior to the heavier part.

When I was younger I could feel ovulation pain on my right side every other month, most likely due to cysts on that ovary. I haven't felt that in a while. This month I didn't really have any of my usual ovulation signs (ie- being very "erotically charged".) I am hopeful for next month (or this month, as we would actually be getting pregnant towards the end of the month.

At least I know I won't be riding the red wave on our anniversary. Now we just have to find a sitter so we can go out that weekend.

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