When 15 minutes changes your day's plans.

For nearly five days I battled a migraine. For five days, I gave in and took migraine medicine (in the form of generic Excedrin migraine.) On the first day it was on my right, throbbing painfully, making me feel queasy. On the second day it was still there. The third day it swooped slowly across to settle into my left temple by the fourth day. On Monday, day five, it lingered, just a hint of it. I chose to continue treating it well into the afternoon, taking a last does of the migraine medicine sometime around 8pm.

And then, I couldn't fall asleep. I tossed and turned in bed until midnight when I slithered down stairs trying not to wake the sleeping dogs in their crates. I made up a bed on the couch before I turned on the television, and watched a few hours of Friends, before finally fading around two or so.

At 6, Will got up. He hits the button on the coffee grinder, and let the dogs out to pee. He turned on the morning news. I slowly woke up, wishing for more sleep. But decided to get up anyway. I brewed my cup of tea. At a few inutes before seven, I made breakfast for the girls, then went upstairs to wake them up.

In Rhayn's room, I said "Wake up!" and turned on the light, then gave Gwennie a quick kiss on the cheek, as Daddy usually brings her down when he is finished getting ready for work. I figure I will get them settled into breakfast before I head up to take a quick shower. I am watching Gwennie's friend today.

Rhayn hasn't come down, so I went back up and found her crying in her bed. "My head and throat hurts," she whimpered. I felt her forehead, it was warm. "Come down stairs and have some tea and I will take your temperature." We got downstairs and I took it, 100.3.

Will came down, but didn't have Gwennie. She didn't want to come down. He ran back up to say bye to her, and by the time he is down again, she was sitting at the top of the stairs, crying. I told her that she needed to get downstairs quickly because Daddy is leaving and I know she needs a hug before he goes. She scooted quickly down crying the whole time but got her hug and seemed a little happier.

By now its just after seven, I knew I had to call to let Gwennie's friend's mom know that I can't watch L, but I am not sure if its too early, and I had to call the school to let them know that Rhayn will not be at school.

Now its nearly eight and both girls are on the couch, snuggled under blankets with cups of rooibos tea near them. Gwennie said her throat still hurts. (She was complaining of that last night.) It is going to be a long day.

*Update, its nearly 9 now, and Rhayn has already vomited once. Sigh. She seems to be alright laying on the couch resting.

*Update again, its 2pm. They have both been sick and even with tylenol the fevers are hovering around 100. Is this the dreaded swine flu? Has H1N1 entered our home?


Wayne said...

Bummer. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Amie said...

It's likely just regular flu...seems H1N1 has pretty much run it's course. I'm glad for you (and sorry for you) that they have it at the same time. At least you'll get it done and over with all at once. And your migraine?

leaner said...

This is very similar to the flu they had last year. I just hope it doesn't last an entire week like it did last year.

bodaat said...

ooof. hope everybody feels better soon and that you don't get sick as well!!

BrieP said...

i was sick on sunday. Slight fever and throat hurts. I am ok now just a little tickle in my throat. I blame your mother for taking us to the movies. That is when everything went down hill for me. ;-) Hope they get better. On a positive note Madison hasnt been sick.

Anonymous said...

Oh, bummer! So sorry...Like Amie said, it's good & bad they're sick at the same time. I think (fingers crossed) that it's just the regular flu making the rounds. Were they both still sick today? Hopefully they'll bounce back quickly!

Amanda said...

So sorry your babies are sick lady. I hope by the time you read this every one is up and ready to play in the rain!

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