Corners, Where we sleep

This is my nightstand, and shelf to hold the books I want to read or am reading. The one on the nightstand itself is the one I am currently reading (called Need by Carrie Jones).

Will and my bed, although ask him and he'll say its mine only. That, however, is a discussion for another day.

Gwennie's corner. This is in the corner of the master bedroom. She spends part of her night here. As in she falls asleep in my bed, I move her when I go to bed. Then sometime around 3 or 4 she climbs back into bed with me.
*She shares our room because she is afraid of the dark. I tried to move her into Rhayn's room but they fought until late into the night. We do have 2 other bedrooms, well one is an office and one is a guest/storage room. Someday she'll move into her own room.

Rhayn's bed. Unmade and messy. She is nearly 9 you know.

Dog crates. Penny invited herself upstairs and was put in her crate because of it.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Do you guys live on a military base? I would think they could get you a bigger house since you have 4 people living there.. It was just me and Kevin and we got a 3 bedroom house in SC on base...

Just wondering... If you own house, I'm not meaning to offend.. Just asking.. I'm sure it's rough with a child sleeping in your room..

Everyday Mom Designs said...


Oh okay I get it now! Yeah I think Leala is kinda afraid of the dark.. But not too bad, so hopefully it doesn't get worse. :)

Mandy said...

I heart Carrie Jones!! I won a signed copy of that book from a contest on her blog... have you ever checked it out? She's too funny. :) http://carriejones.livejournal.com/

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