Toothy Trooper

Treasure Chest

This morning Rhayn has a dentist appointment to have her canines wiggled out. Since all four were baby teeth, this was not a big deal. She wasn't nervous at all, in fact she seemed a little excited about it.

Her toothy grin.

We arrived about fifteen minutes early and the girls played in the waiting area. When they took her back she looked a little nervous, clutching her stuffed fennec fox for comfort. Gwennie and I waited. Gwennie played with a little boy telling him about the fish in the tank and showing him the slide. (He was most likely barely a year old.)

The nurse told us it would be about forty-five minutes and was right. After forty-five minutes out came a bloody Rhayn. Her mouth filled with gauze. She wanted to sit and play the video games while the nurse told me about the procedure. (I kept Gwennie with me.) She said that we needed to keep the gauze on her sockets for another fifteen minutes, then change it out. After that, if they weren't bleeding anymore, she didn't have to reapply it. I was instructed to give her some tylenol when we got home, before the Novocaine wore off. Then we were allowed to leave.

Four canines in a chest.

She was given her teeth in a small blue treasure chest. Now its just a waiting game until tonight when the tooth fairy comes.

She seems to be feeling better already.

Update- The tooth fairy brought her the four pearls for her tooth fairy bracelet, as well as twenty dollars. Pretty steep, but this may be from a lack of planning on the part of the tooth fairy. I suppose we'll never know.


Mo said...

I imagi the tooth fairy will be more than generous for four teeth all in one go! :)

Amie said...

poor thing! That's a lot to go through in one day! ouch!

lvh said...

What a brave brave girl - no way would I have been able to do that. She must have a great dentist that she really trusts.

The wonderful dentist we grew up with scimped on novacain and I actually never had any until after I was married.

She definitely deserves something special from the tooth fairy

Wayne said...

So what's the going rate for 4 canines, plucked roots and all? Gotta be pretty steep.

leaner said...

Apparently in our house the going rate for these four teeth was $20. This may or may not be because the tooth fairy forgot about the extraction, or possibly because there was not time between scheduling and extraction that was sans kids.

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