Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I hate my kitchen sink. I spend approximately 1/3 of my day in the kitchen (all right, maybe not, but it feels like it!) and of that 1/2 of that is at the sink. Doing dishes, filling water bottles, making tea, watering plants, etc. I stand there and watch the girls play in the back yard.

A few years ago we purchased a new faucet. I installed it because I didn't want to wait until Will could do it. I didn't do that great of a job and the base plate is starting to come up fro the hard water getting under it. Those calcium deposits grow. If you don't have hard water, you have no idea what I am talking about (and if that is the case, lucky you!) From about a week or so after installing the faucet I started to dislike it. You see the handle is really heavy, and if you attempt to ave a low flow of water, it will just shut itself off.

Another issue I have with the faucet is the clearance of the spigot. If you are trying to wash a big pot, you have to pull it out. I admit this is partially because our sink is a mere seven inches deep. (That is pretty shallow.) I have been coveting other people's sinks for years.

We decided to upgrade out sink for Christmas this year. We looked at Lowe's and Home Depot, we researched sinks and faucets. But the car's starter went out and that took away our sink fund.

After Christmas, while obsessively looking at faucets online (Costco had one in their ad, but it wasn't yet on the website) I ended up at Overstock.com. I found a porcelain enameled sink with nearly 10 inch deep bowls for under $100. I looked at it and vowed to tell Will about it when he came home. He said it looked like a great deal, so we ordered it. We also ended up ordering the faucet from Costco.

Yesterday the sink came from UPS. We are still waiting on the faucet, because until we have both they can't be installed. Its quite exciting to have the sink here. Hopefully the faucet comes in soon.

I cleaned our sink really well before taking a picture of it to show the world. Stainless steel sinks are beautiful, as long as you never let a drop of hard water on them.


Amie said...

cool! can't wait to see!

vinesa said...

I want a new sink too. I have the faucet I want but my sink like yours in shallow and I hate doing dishes in it. So I am now going to go to overstock and see if I can find a sink.

BrieP said...

my sink is not deep either. I put one dish in and it is full. Lucky you to get a new one

bodaat said...

oh how exciting! can't wait to see how it turns out. we have a white sink. sigh. it's very hard to keep clean and i hate having to use bleach but need to to keep it looking white.

HomegrownTexan said...

How funny...all this time I've been wanting to trade in my porcelain sink for a stainless steel one. Mine is so old that whatever finish it had has worn off of it. It is white, so *everything* stains it, it constantly looks dirty. And not in a water spot kind of way, but in an ewwww, it's brown/grey/black from whatever tea/coffee/pan stained it 5 minutes after I cleaned it kind of way. I didn't think about the hard water deposits, though. My parents have a SS sink and aren't obsessive about cleaning it, but they have a water softener. Then again, here in Eugene the water is pretty soft, so maybe I can still have one.

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