Rhayn ready for her presentation this morning.

Today Rhayn has her very first presentation at school. In third grade they learn about shelters and building. The teacher asked them all to pick a structure and build it, then give a short (1-5 minute) presentation on it.

Rhayn chose a pyramid. We discussed different ways to make it. We picked Styrofoam blocks (because of ease) and hot glue. She was also able to use a sphinx statue that Will had been given.

Last night Will sat down with her and helped her plan out her presentation since that is his expertise. (That is part of his job with the mobile public affairs detachment with the National Guard.) I took a bath while they worked and when I came downstairs they had set up a little show. She practiced her speech and composure. It was so cute, to see. Then we filmed it so she could watch it (I tried to upload it but after 30 minutes it just wasn't happening.) After that she took a shower, repeating her presentation over and over. She picked her outfit and was ready to go to bed. She was nervous but excited this morning when I took her to school.


Amanda said...

what a cute little grown up she has become!

Amie said...

how awesome!

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