Taken just before I started dying it.

I've been contemplating my hair again. I am happy with the length but the color was dull to me. I had gotten highlights in November that had slowly faded to a blondish dull color. In the sun, it was pretty, but in the morning when I stare at myself in the mirror it just was blah. Will has told me that although he liked the color he really prefers my hair nearly black. I like golden colors and chose a box of Natural Instincts called "Golden Cappuccino." It is a new color, one I had never used before. Usually when I want to go back to dark I have used "Clove" or "Nutmeg" I've been using Nutmeg to darken my hair since high school in fact. What I like most about the Natural Instincts brand dye is that it is semi-permanent. Over the course of a few weeks it fades to close to my natural color, it gives a quick (taking only 10 minutes) boost of color.

On Friday, after drop off and my weekly cup of coffee with a friend, I decided it was time. Gwennie and I set up in the bathroom and she watched while I saturated my hair. She waited patiently while I rinsed it out. Then when I looked in the mirror, I was stunned. I had had the lighter color long enough that this new dark color was a bit of a shock. Plus, it was not at all the same color as the box. Its pretty, don't get me wrong, its just more red and darker.

(Please excuse the zit on my cheek.)

I did get a lot of compliments on it, Will told me he likes it and that he really does prefer my hair dark. But every time I look in the mirror its a little shocking. I am sure that over the next few days I will get used to it, and then finally I will not even notice it.

(No, I was not sponsored or paid for this post. I really just love this product!)


Amie said...

I like it dark! The same thing happened to me in December...was just going for my natural color and it came out much redder. I liked it, but it wasn't what I was going for. *shrug*!

Meli said...

Love it!!! It looks great... the darker color really suits you.

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