Night Terrors

Last night Will and I were watching The Proposal. The girls had gone to bed, although Gwennie wasn't happy about being "all alone upstairs". She was whimpering but finally fell asleep. I kept checking on her. At about 9:30 we went to bed, yes I know early, but we've found that we like mornings better than nights. (Plus, you know, the army has a part in that.)

I moved Gwennie into her bed, trying carefully not to wake her up. But she started crying and I lay with her to calm her down. She fell back asleep and I slid out of her bed and back into mine. It wasn't an hour later that she started crying again. This time she wasn't even the littlest bit awake. She was having a nightmare that bordered on a night terror. I brought her back to my bed. Rhayn used to have night terrors occasionally, she would whimper and cry but wouldn't really be awake. Nothing fully woke her from them either, and I would just sit by and make sure she couldn't hurt herself.

Gwennie had three or four of the nightmare/terrors last night. During one of them she was crying out (very clearly) "Mama, I can't dry horses! I can't dry horses! I can't dry horses!" ("Dry" is how she says "draw", meaning she can't draw them, its one of the things she whines about all of the time.) The other times she spoke weren't quite so clear. Maybe one or two words would be clear but nothing that I remembered in the morning.

I remember her crying, and looking at the clock, it was 3:30am, luckily that was the last time she did it.

At 7ish I came downstairs. At 8ish Gwennie woke up, crying. It was not a good start of the day. In fact she had a terrible day. Nothing made her happy and she was rotten. I even made her take a nap but she woke up not twenty minutes after I came downstairs (because I left her). She cried because she was alone, she cried because she didn't want to eat, Wonderpets wasn't loud enough and she was cold but she didn't want me to hold her. It was just a long day.

All the while Will was installing our new sink (picture post tomorrow) Gwennie was fussing and grumping and just being a miserable little brat. She was like that on Friday, too (although not to that extent). I think she is still getting over her flu, but maybe it is something else. I can hope that it'll get better soon because the separation anxiety and foul temper are not pleasant and its making us all miserable.


Amie said...

aww those are so tough...luckily only my oldest ever got those and very rare. But it was still scary. I hope she's having a better night tonight and I can't wait to see the sink!

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