New Sink

Whenever we do projects, it seems that the amount of time we expect to need always ends up being doubled. The sink project was no different, although it wasn't a difficult project.

Our old sink, the one I hated. So shallow, the faucet so low we constantly had to pull it out to fit a pan under it and usually ended up with water sprayed all over our shirts.

Its out. There is some damage to the back of the counter from shoddy installation by the home builders. They didn't put silicon under the sink, it wasn't water tight and you can see the discoloration on the back from six years of use.

Testing the sink and looking at where the pipes will go.

Not exactly sure what this expression is or what he is doing with our garbage disposal.

The caulking needs to cure for 24 hours. We could use it, but had to be careful.

Finally installed, and fully usable, yes! The depth is perfect, the faucet height is wonderful. I am pleased.

* If you ever install a sink, feel free to use as much plumber's putty as you want on the drains, when you tighten them it will squeeze out. Then you will have it back and its better to overdo that, than to underdo it.

Will ran into Lowe's and saw the display model of the Kohler sink we'd been looking at for months for $79 (marked down from $250) and we were both very unhappy. It was a cast iron sink, and we ended up with an enameled steel sink.


Cornfed Princess said...

Stupid home fix it projects that never end. I hate when you find what you wanted for cheaper - grrr. But be proud and know your sink is beautiful!

tif-do said...

It looks great! I hate shallow sinks, that one will be much more efficiant!

Kate said...

Pete and I redid our first home and the worst project was the sink. We also put a deeper one in and then the disposal wouldn't fit so we had to take it out and cut the pvc shorter, etc, etc. Everything that could've gone wrong did. Never again.

Amanda said...

I am so glad this worked out for you. Six years is a long time to work with a shallow sink! Congratulations, its beautiful!

Amie said...

it's beautiful! way to go!

bodaat said...

Congrats on the sink! I know you guys have wanted it for such a long time. :)

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