Gratitude Day 4

I am thankful for healthy children.

Rhayn has had a sore throat for a few weeks, and Monday morning she was so darn grumpy I wanted to leave her in bed. I sent her to school instead. At pick-up she was obviously still in the grumps. She actually fell asleep on the 15 minute ride home. Tuesday she was dizzy when she got up, and I kept her home. Today, she said her throat still hurts so I kept her home and took her to the doctor.

At the doctor office, there was a huge sign that said:
To protect our patients
from H1N1
if you have any

of these symptoms:
cough, sore throat, fever,
please wait in the
sick patient waiting room.

You will be given a mask.

We dutifully sat on that side, and she was given a mask. Then a guy came in, wearing a mask as well, and hacking up a lung. Gross. We were there forever it felt like (about 20 minutes) before we were taken back. Rhayn had a slight (barely there, as in 98.9) temp. But they didn't count that. The doctor talked to me about her symptoms and asked Rhayn about them as well. Then she looked at her, said, "Everything looks fine, but lets test her for strep anyway." That came back negative but she also wanted to do a strep culture to send to the lab. She said Rhayn can go back to school, if she feels up to it.

We came home, my not-sick girls and I. We peeled all of our broken crayons and melted them down into a muffin tin. Now they are outside playing. I am irked that she wasn't feeling up to school this morning, but is feeling fine now. I suppose that she needed a little time off. I also used this time to my advantage and cleaned our guest room (One could actually stay in it now!) We went through our stuffed animals, and bagged the ones we no longer need. Yesterday I cleaned the toy room, and rearranged it. I also cleaned the master bathroom, which really needed it. In a few minutes I am off to clean litter boxes and take all of the trash out for pick up tomorrow.


BrieP said...

I am glad she is not sick. Also I wish that I could get some cleaning done. The dirty house is making me want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep. This is not helping anything.

bodaat said...

i love your gratitude series!! i might have to steal the idea from you.

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