Things around here are slowly getting done. But I know that the original date I heard is not going to happen. We have a bit longer before Will comes home*. Not that I will slow down on getting everything done or anything silly like that. I have been slowly working on one room every day and that has made it seem less daunting. I had really let the house go.

Today we/I tackled the dining room. Now normally its not a room that I have to clean much usually a quick table wipe down and a vacuum and that is it. But since Will's been gone, we haven't been eating in there, at. all. Seriously, sitting down to eat at the dining room table was one of the few things I could not make us do. I tried. But I would feel so sad and lonely. Then we would pick up and move to the kitchen table and I would sit my butt in front of the t.v. and watch Frasier or Friends, or a movie, while the girls sat behind me. Awful. I hated this routine every time we did it. But you see, dinner, for our family, is a big deal. Its the time we all sit together and talk. We catch up on each others' day. Will sits at the head of the table and with out him in that seat, I couldn't do it without him there.

The dining room table had been pushed against the wall, and most recently used to house all of the give away crap I was gathering. The dogs' crates had taken up residence in that room as well. Lily liked this because the window directly behind her goes to the street. But I want to use that room to eat in again once Will is home.

Everything was moved out, and the table put back in its proper place. Also Lily likes this, because she can run around it like a maniac with her butt nearly touching the floor as she makes the tight corners. Penelope has never know she could do this before. The room was picked up, and vacuumed.

And tomorrow? Well I am sure I will have yet another titillating blog post for you about a vow I made a while back. I am seeing the second doctor about that little issue. (Not a family care practitioner, either.)

*As far as I know Will is still in Iraq. I got an email saying he was going to be really busy the next few days, and would update me as soon as possible. Lets just hope his update is "I am no longer in Iraq" because that would be awesome. Pushing back when he comes home is going to stink for us, because of well, where he may be coming home in my moon cycle. Yes, I went there (and most likely will again before he gets home). If your spouse had been away from home for this long, wouldn't you be thinking about that little detail, too? You know you would.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm sorry his date has been pushed back... and oh we know so well about considering your moon cycle... Thankfully last time he came home, I was pregnant and didn't have to worry about that... lol..

Mo said...

Leaner, that is so crappy that you are in limbo yet again. I am with you my friend in wishing for his very speedy return x

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