A Vow: Part 4 (In which I turn 50)

The last time I wrote about my little problem, (here) the family doctor wanted me to see a specialist in "that area." About a week ago, I received the approval from Tricare (military healthcare) and the number of the doctor I was authorized to see.

I called and the earliest appointment they had was the 20th of August, but they put me on a list, to be called if anyone canceled their appointment. On Friday I received such a call, asking if I was available to come in on Monday at nine a.m.

Today's appointment was just an initial discussion. Dr. S. wanted to ascertain what was going on and whether surgery would be the best option. He listened to my symptoms and asked many questions. Then he palpated my abdomen. There was a bit of soreness around my navel when he was pressing.

I sat up (without him taking any looks at the area in question, I got to stay fully dressed!) and he started to tell me that before they would remove the "problems" they want to make sure that is ALL it is. Then he asked me if I know anything about Crohn's Disease. I didn't but looked it up when I got home. He did tell me a little about it. Its not likely that I have it, but they want to be sure. With pain around my ileum there could be inflammation there, and that is an indicator of Crohn's.

And then he dropped the bomb.

"I think that our best bet is to go in there and see what is going on. I want you to have a colonoscopy."
Jaw drops. "Ok." (My mom had one recently, since they are routine when you get to that age, and she has some bowel issues that I have never had, dealing with irregularity. She had explained it all to me.)

I am scheduled to go in on the 10th of September. I have my instructions (lots of laxatives the day before and no real food.) They had earlier appointments, but I wanted Will to be home a few weeks before he has to take his wife in for such an awesome procedure. (Plus, it would have been right around when my moon cycle is. Joy, see talking about that, again.)

Until then, I am to keep using the anucort (I love that word for some reason, its fun to say) and try to stay regular, which is not a problem, the only time I am irregular is when I am pregnant.

Good time, I tell ya. Good times.


Amie said...

You're doing something about it. You're being proactive. You're a spokeswoman for Anucort. Good luck!!

Mo said...

Well done for being so brave!

You have finally motivated me as well. I have several nagging little health type things that I need to get checked out, and I finally made an appt for Thursday. This is a big deal for me because I am phobic about going to the Dr's. (it seems being a nurse doesn't help that sort of thing).

Thanks for the kick up the Butt, and good luck!!

Mo said...

P.S Love Amie's comment about Anucort, made me LOL! :):)

Cornfed Princess said...

Okay so this is totally gross, but you know I Have jr. high boy humor. I have always wanted to watch the video of one. I don't know if I would look forward to my own because the hole scope up the kapieche isn't appealing, but the video - I'm intrigued! Love ya!

leaner said...

I know, I too am blessed with Jr High boy humor. :) (Fart jokes = too funny!)

I was told I get REALLY REALLY good drugs while they do it, am looking forward to that, at least.

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