Spay it don't spray it.

This morning the girls and I got up very early. We needed to take Penelope in to be spayed and the Humane Society offers a free spay and neuter program, called Maddie's Fund*, for pit bulls and pitbull mixes. They also have a first come first fixed policy (no appointments like they did back when Lily was fixed. Speaking of that... check out the cuteness of these pictures. Awwww.)

At 6:45 we were at the place, waiting in line with 2 other dogs and 2 cats. They took us in at 7am, and by 8 we were all checked in and out of there. We were told to come get her between three and five this afternoon.

After we left we headed over the Lowe's to get some sprinkler heads to fix the ones that Penelope had chewed or had simply stopped working. At home I fixed the sprinklers, it wasn't hard, just hot. But now maybe our grass will grow, since its all being watered. (One of the sprinklers has been blocked for months.)

Around eleven we received a call that Nelly was done and we could pick her up after one. Since I was exhausted from the yard work earlier the girls and I lay on the couch and watched a little Harry Potter.

At two we headed out to get her (I had fallen asleep). We paid, received her surgery instructions (don't let her run or play or rough house for 7 days. Uh huh... right.) They gave us her "cone of shame" and told us how to place it on her head when we got home. Then finally they brought her out to us. Unlike Lily, she walked out easily and didn't seem any worse for the wear. Until we got her outside and in the car. She curled up and looked miserable. At home we put the cone on her and as you can see, the drugs haven't worn off, she is still in a sad state.

She can't have anything to eat for a few hours. Poor thing is so tired and out of it, and Lily? She wanted to play. Lucky for me, the "cone of shame" totally makes it hard for them to play properly. Its going to be a long seven days.

*Actually many veterinarians honor it, but the Humane Society advertises it, and automatically hands you the pink paperwork for it, when you come in with any pit-like dog.


bodaat said...

awwww...poor baby! i remember when shila had her knee surgery and was so miserable. she would whine as she was sleeping. she had no idea what she was doing...so disoriented. i hope nelly feels better soon and doesn't jab you too much with the cone. :)

Amie said...

awww poor thing!

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