Rambling, again.

Blah blah blah. I want to write something, but what? A good friend of mine's wife is having his baby today. Its really exciting, their first, his first, her first.

I have gotten a lot done on my list of stuff to do before Will comes home. But their is still so much more. And some of it I can do today, but it will still have to be done again (cleaning up dog excrement and doing laundry, those are NEVER done.)

Penelope, or Nelly, is a smart cookie. She has gotten her cone off a few times already. Or, maybe Lily is a smart cookie, because she helped Nelly got it off the first time. Right now she is sleeping nicely on the kitchen floor in her usual spot under the table. I wonder if she feels differently than she did before. There is a small part of me that feels bad for having her uterus surgically removed. But I know that we will be better off with her spayed.

Last night Gwennie was crying loudly upstairs while I was downstairs watching True Blood (not appropriate for kids, and many adults.) So I pause it and run upstairs before she can make it downstairs. She is covered in blood, her face and hands and arms and red, as she wipes the blood that is streaming down her face. She hasn't noticed that its blood, most just thinks it is boogers.

I stop her, and say, "Gwennie we need to go into the bathroom, you have a bloody nose."
"I do?" she says, surprised and sort of happy.
"Yes, we need to wipe the blood off of your face."
She stands in front of the mirror and looks at her red covered face, the blood still fresh, she looks down at her arms and the backs of her hands, with the red wash coating them. Her face a huge smile.
Weird, right?
After she is all cleaned up, she runs into Rhayn's room, and says "I had a bloody nose! Rhayn." Like it the coolest thing ever. How weird is my child?

Probably not that weird, Rhayn gets bloody noses all of the time, and to Gwennie her bloody nose was a way she was suddenly like her big sister. It sounded weird, at the time, but its totally understandable when you look at it that way.


Amie said...

at least it didn't freak her out, eh?

tif-do said...

I tried to watch True Blood... a little to pornish for me. Good job on getting stuff done, I've been so lazy lately haven't gotten anything done at all. blah!

leaner said...

I agree... very pornish Tif. I don't know if I like it or not...

Everyday Mom Designs said...

At least she wasn't freaked out... I would have been! Good job getting things done!

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