We had Lily spayed this week. While she was under she was also vaccinated and micro chipped. She spent the first evening home, recovering from surgery, and being totally unhappy about her cone. She would not walk with it, unless we held it up for her. So she spent a good deal of time like this, head down in the carpet. She is already about half of her full grown weight (if she reaches the fifty pounds her mama is.)

She is back to her old self now, and her incision is almost healed. But here are some pictures of her as a cone head, or as we called her for those few days "the weapon." Have you ever had a puppy run into you while cone-headed? It hurts, like being stabbed with a plastic knife!

I think Lily was a good sport about the whole thing, and we were able to get all of it done for only $85. In this area, that is practically free.

When I took her to our local vet for vaccines it cost us $71, and it lasted 5 minutes. They weighed her, and looked at her mouth, eyes and coat. She said "you have to be careful, these dogs attack kids" then she stabbed the poor puppy and was on her way. You can imagine I will be looking for a new veterinarian, because she seemed to have issues with certain breeds, and I need someone who will be supportive for us and Lily. I KNOW she will be a good dog, and I know she is going to take work. She isn't going to be just some through her in the back yard and ignore her dog. She will need training and discipline, and structure. I get that.

So far Lily listens to all of us better than Gwennie does. In fact, most of the time she is better behaved. Gwennie is an "artist," she drew on our wall with a dry erase marker (flat, unwashable paint... grrr.)

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Amie said...

How sad is that first picture!! Had to be done, I know. Have you used Mr Clean Erasers? Love them soooo much. Haven't tried them on dry erase marker, but they work for just about everything else. So does hair spray, oddly enough. Good luck. If not, you can always repaint.

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