Plans for Today

This morning, once again, I heard the puppy (and big dog) whining and awoke at 5:30 am. I stumbled down the stairs to let them out to pee. Since Nelly is still recovering from surgery, I stood there until she peed then made her come back in while Lily was left out to run the back yard and play, I figured if I slept on the couch they would let me rest a little longer. At least that was the plan. Instead I was awoken every ten minutes or so, by one dog or another wanting in or out. I dozed on the couch with Mean Kitty on me, until about seven. Then Gwennie came down and woke me up (with snuggles.)

I got off the couch, and checked my email where I had an email from Will (YAY!) which was excellent. Nothing starts the day off like that, well, maybe when he is home there are other ways to make the day start off better, but I digress.

The tea kettle was turned on, to make my morning cuppa tea and the girls' oatmeal. Then I started dinner. Yesterday I bought a roast at the grocery store, and thought a slow-cooker roast would be a really nice Friday night dinner.

While in the kitchen I started looking at the freezer, and decided that today I would clean the freezers (we have the one that is part of the refrigerator and a stand up deep freezer.) There was a lot of crap in there that has been there for over a year. I decided it was time to purge a bit.

Now I am considering taking Rhayn (and Gwennie) out school clothes shopping. Not that she really NEEDS clothes, but starting school without a few new outfits isn't fun. Plus, I could use a few new shirts. If we do go, I need to crate the poor pups while we are gone. Which means we can't leave for more than four hours at the most. Usually I just buy her clothes and call it good. However recently she has decided that she has an idea of what looks good and prefers outfits like this one and this one. (Hey, I think she looks great, too. In fact its totally something I would wear if I were a teenager, or younger.)

Don't worry people, I will post pictures of her new outfits later.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

She's growing up way too fast! Don't you just want to bottle them up?

lvh said...

The joys of taking little girlie girl clothes shopping. I took Jules with me to Target when she was 4 and she had to try on every pair of shoes they had. I think we had just run in quickly to pick up something for a party so people couldn't understand why we were gone for an hour and a half.

Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about school already. We are just finally getting warm weather here - and that's definitely just a statement not a complaint when the northwest and AZ have been getting such stifling heat.

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