Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a lovely weekend, weather-wise. Friday was cool, cloudy and idyllic. On Saturday we headed to my parents house after I put the garage (more or less) back together. I spent the evening at Hairball's house, and we watched the DaVinci Code. I really want to read the book now, but will not let myself until I finish Pride and Prejudice.

Sunday was spent at my parents, talking and enjoying the morning. Then we made a plan for Memorial Day. We decided to go to the lake. I have to say, I really dislike swimming. But going to the lake is rather nice. We sit on the edge, and the kids play in the water. We eat crappy food and talk.

We had to get up really early to run to the store to buy a few things (food, sun block, etc.) since we didn't bring the right kind of clothes for swimming. It felt like we wandered the store for hours, but it wasn't that long, it was really that my mom and I were not fully awake. Then we came home and started packing up. My parents have a red canoe, well its more of an orange color now, since its faded from the sun. We used to take it with us when I was younger. Sometimes we had it strapped to our ugly yellow, banana boat suburban, followed by an even uglier camper trailer. We were styling back then.

This trip, the orangish-red canoe was strapped to the top of a lovely faded red Ford Explorer. Nice. We made it most of the way to the lake when my dad realized that he had forgotten the oars. A canoe is useless without them. My brother, JVA and his wife turned around to run back to a store to buy some.

When we got to Canyon Lake, we found that you need a "Tonto Pass" to park in the parking lot. Only they don't sell them at the lake, you have to drive back out of the area or 2 miles past the lake to Torilla Flats to get a pass. Ugh. It felt like we were doomed to have a bad time. We finally bought passes and parked, but most of the tables and shade were taken up by large families. We found a corner and set up our stuff.

Uncle JVA took the girls (and his dog, Bella, a chocolate lab) out in the canoe. The girls were so excited, and loved being out there. He paddled them all over, then Brie helped him take them farther. Later my mom and dad took the little girls to a different part of the lake. They could have spent the whole day in the canoe.

JVA paddled Rhayn out to the jumping rock, where she climbed up and happily jumped off. (Much to her mama's fear.) Then she climbed up again, and whoosh! right into the lake.

The kids were getting hungry, so my dad set up the little grill he had. He and Rhayn grilled up the hot dogs. Everyone sat in the shade and ate.

After lunch the kids went back in the lake. This time hanging out near the shore line, sitting on rocks.

It was a long day, but quite pleasant. No one was sunburnt, or hurt in any way. We had a near perfect day.


Amie said...

great day!

abeNanna said...

You forgot the ducks that provided their own entertainment.

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