Its MUST be time to get a job.

Once my loving husband told me that if I ever started watching Oprah, it would be time for me to get a job. I admit to watching her show last week, because she went to the YFZ Ranch to visit with the FLDS. I am fascinated by them. I don't know if it is the dresses, hair and accent, or their unwavering love of their leader. I only caught the last fifteen minutes of her show, too. I think that being raised LDS and being asked if I was a polygamist has made me more interested in their story. They fascinate me. I can't help it. Although the more I learn the less I understand it. I understand the Amish more, with their desire to keep things simple, the FLDS embrace many of the things from today, while rejecting others. Dressing modestly isn't a bad thing, but the dresses are ugly and made from polyester (read article link from the word dresses above). Even the dresses the pioneers wore were more attractive than that. What is wrong with florals? What is wrong with an array of colors that are not always pastel? But I digress. (I can't help it, I like that word!)

This week Oprah has one of my favorite bloggers on with her other blogging buddies. I want to watch it, because these are funny ladies who are all making money from blogging. But I won't.

I don't like Oprah. I find her brash and judgmental, and totally not a common woman. She isn't married, has no children, probably has not cleaned any part of her house in ten years. I do not think she is god, like so many women seem to. I have taken a few of her book club suggestions and not even liked them. I just do not get her appeal. I could honestly go on and on about how much I dislike her and her show (and her minion, Dr. Phil.)

If you watch Oprah, can you tell me why? What about her intrigues you? Do you think she covers subjects clearly and concisely? Because honestly I would love to know what her appeal is.


bodaat said...

I'm not a fan although I sometimes do watch. I don't like her energy nor the way her personality comes through on tv. I think she's trying to be something or somebody that she isn't. Eeeeeesh, I know I'm harsh.

BrieP said...

I have tried to watch it but I can not get into it. I have no idea what it is about her that people like.

Lisa G. said...

I've watched her on occasion...it's not her so much that I like, but she just happens to have topics that interest me.

On a side note, I also share a fascination with the FLDS people, too. And the Amish. I appreciate things from former times (and polyester...ugh!). The FLDS beliefs in some ways are similar to what I was raised with (and in other ways are very different; and I don't believe most of those things now, anyway). In other ways they are quite different. I devoured a handful of books written by (former) members. I don't know why they fascinate me so much, but they do.

Mo said...

I think the reason people connect with her is because she was an ordinary person like us all and has achieved so much in her life. I also think people relate to her honesty about the issues she has gone through, abusive relationships, her struggle with weight etc. I actually think she is amazing in the way she is able to connect with so many, and also to inspire people to live the best way that they can.

I don't watch Oprah but I have no problem with her either and I think she covers some important issues.

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