Day 3

Day three of Gwennie's illness.

She is perfectly fine during the day, I mean aside from the fever. But as soon as the sun sets her temperature starts to soar, it peaked last night around 103.5.

She spends the night uncomfortable, so much so that ibuprofen doesn't seem to help. She tosses and turns and wakes up crying all night long. Her hot body presses next to mine then rolls violently to the other side of the bed. She pulls the blanket on, crying about being cold and then throws it off covered in sweat. She wakes, and in the saddest voice, barely croaking out, asks for water.

But the sun has risen two days in a row and she wakes up bright and happy. This morning, she snuggled me and told me she loved me, while scratching my back.

I am so afraid that I will get this. So afraid that the sore throat I have is going to turn into this virus. I am doing everything I can to avoid it. The last thing I want is to spend another week stuck at home with illness. My poor kids would be so very bored.

Rhayn seems better. She went for twelve hours or more without a fever, but we went out for a little while today and when we got home, her temperature was up to 100.3 again. She still has this really nasty sounding cough though. It sounds productive at least.

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