Balance in phone calls

Will called today, and because of the rain, and knowing he would call, and just generally feeling pleasant, when he asked "How are you?" I was able to answer with an enthusiastic "Great!" (Feeling much like Tony the Tiger.) I had things to say, unlike sometimes when he calls and I feel drained and empty of coherent thought. I had had a nice nights' sleep. Gwennie and I had bought some tasty tomatoes at the farmer's market. The rain was falling pleasantly outside. I just felt refreshed.

I worry when we are on the phone that I might be too negative. I worry that I only tell him the bad things, like how difficult Gwennie has been lately, or how nasty that illness that they had last week was. I always try to think of positive stuff to say. I want to share the bad with him, too. I don't want him to think its all sunshine and daisies here, because he would know I am lying. But I want him to hear a nice balance of it. I need him to hear how much we wish he was here, how much we love him. But that even through it all, we are thriving and dealing. We are staying strong as a family and can not wait for this to be over.

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bodaat said...

Yes, you are an incredibly strong family! And you will definitely get through this. :) I too cannot wait until this part of your journey in life is over.

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