Migraine: with visual disturbances

Gwennie and I went to a gym to sign up this morning. I had canceled my membership at the YMCA a month ago, I just felt like it was not being used. My main problem was that there were no classes offered during the day, unless I was over 65. Last time I checked, I am no where near that age.

We had a tour of the facility and I was surprised to find the fee was not much more than the Y's while they offer classes, and a lot of them, at times that I would be able to take them.

After leaving there, we went to Kohl's because I wanted to see if they had any shorts. Everything was going well, until I noticed that it felt like I had blinders on. I know that means I have about an hour (or less) until the throbbing pain of a migraine starts. We were about twenty minutes from home, and I could barely see. We walked the aisles for a little while, then left. I took some medication that I had in my purse, and hoped that the pain wouldn't be terrible.

At home, Gwennie and I watched a few movies, well, really she watched movies while I held an ice pack on the back of my neck and covered my eyes with my arm. At about two I got up and took more medicine hoping that the pain would be tolerable enough to go and get Rhayn from school. It was, I felt numb but able to drive and talk.

On the way to pick her up, Gwennie fell asleep. She slept all the way there, I carried her out of the car at home and she slept for three hours. I knew she was tired, and probably not feeling totally herself after that long illness a few weeks ago. But three hours? I am worried she will be up all night, when all I really want is to take some more medication and fall asleep early. I hope she won't mind watching another movie but what I really hope is that she will still go to sleep at a decent time.


bodaat said...

i hope you feel better soon helena. migraines are just awful.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I hope you feel better soon.. It's hard not feeling well by yourself, but throw kids into the mix, and you're SOL..

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