Desert Day of Fun

Yesterday was a perfect day for being out in the desert. Sun shining, light breeze, and an ideal 75 to 80 degrees all day long. Rhayn had asked Grandma if we could go out geocaching, and she happily obliged (her goal is to reach 1,000 finds by the end of the year.) We loaded some dogs in the back of the truck, and drove out past the pavement.
My Dad backed up over a cactus.

My mom had found a series of caches that seemed to be designed more for kids, all called by candy names. These were all easy find for Rhayn and she even traded for the beautiful jewelry that was left in many of them (great way to get rid of costume jewelry, she loved every piece, even though my mom and I were laughing at them.)
Finding a cache.

I think the final tally was 16 finds, and no misses (unless you count the microcache that my parents have looked for about 4 times already. We checked, and didn't find it this time either.)

We found the biggest ironwood tree we have ever seen. It was located in the middle of a wash. The roots were impressive, covering so much of the wash, popping out of the ground, exposed from a flood. We wonder how old this beauty is, and we hope it lives much longer. (This is more information about the Ironwood Forest.)
Her Majesty.


bodaat said...

Oh wow, I've never heard of geocaching before. I'll have to take a look! Sounds like a beautiful day in the outdoors though.

leaner said...

Geocaching is a great hobby. My parents have been doing it for years. We go with them when we can. Its a great way to get out. But there are plenty of city caches, too. All you really need is a GPS, (a hand held one) and a vehicle. See if you know any one who does it for your first trip out... and enjoy the scenery!

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