Sweet Potatoes

I love sweet potatoes. I will eat them with anything, and cooked (or baked) pretty much any way. (Sweet potato fries anyone? No... well you should try them.)

This morning I came across this recipe from the CrockPot Lady. I love my crock pot, we have a special relationship, we really do. Now I totally want these!

I am looking for more sweet potato recipes, maybe kid friendly ones, because my oldest, she is not the biggest fan of the sweet potato (she will however slurp up an adult sized serving of French Onion Soup.) So post them if you have them, or send them to me via my email.


(PS, here is another recipe of hers I want to try. I don't know if my crock pot is big enough, but we like Cream of Mushroom soup around here, and I hate using the Campbell's filled-with-MSG kind. It also has too much sodium.)


Alex's Human said...

MMMMMMMmmmm, once you said sweet potato fries, my brain refused to think of anything else.. They are truly the best way to have sweet potatoes, and the perfect side to a greasy burger... Very popular around here, even at the local drive-thru burger chain..

Hope someone else can help you with some recipes.. In the mean time I'll see if CAT has any suggestions. He's always coming up with some thing strange to cook..

Sara said...

I'm with Rhayn. No a fan of the sweet potatoes. If they are really good, let us know.

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