RhaynyDay #8

This is my 1,001st post! Whoo Hoo. And we are getting close to my four year bloggiversary. I am trying to come up with an exciting give-a-way for it. So keep checking for that!

I should write a long and wonderful post about how great my darling Rhayn is. But she and I? Not getting along so much right now. I knew that the longer Will is gone, the harder it would get, but still it is bad right now. And she did not get enough sleep over the weekend. So instead I will post some pictures of her having fun. Hopefully those remind me of how awesome she really is.

Swinging at Grandpa's house.Rhayn flying her first kite.


bodaat said...

Oooh, I love those swing pictures! The sunlight catches Rhayn just right amongst the back drop of the greenery. Very nice. :)

Annita said...

I know what you mean. They can break us down sometimes, while at other times they're awesome and wonderful. She looks like a (mostly) cool little girl. ;-)

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