Goodbye Ceremony

It has taken me a few days to process the goodbye ceremony. And I have managed to not lose it completely yet. I spent the weekend at my parents house, kept busy, kept the girls busy, didn't think about it, too much.

But I wanted to post a few pictures from Will's last day here. Be warned my camera takes CRAPPY pictures inside buildings.

Our family. (There were two people taking pictures- which is why Rhayn and I looking the other way. But Will and Gwennie are looking at this camera.)
Governor Janet Napolitano. We tried to get a picture with her, but she was headed out the door. She doesn't usually show up for goodbye ceremonies. But because of the political race and some problems with the way Governor Sarah Palin's claim to be in charge of the Alaska National Guard has come across she came to this one. (Once they are deployed they are no longer under the state commande-in-cheif's command.) It didn't matter, because her showing up for their ceremony was awesome. No matter how you feel about her. Daddy leaving. Pack on, and already in total Army mode. No longer ours. Gwennie watching while Daddy leaves. They walked out that door, got in a vehicle and headed to the airport. (He is not the one walking out the door in this picture.)


Mo said...

Gosh, I can't imagine how that must have felt saying goodbye in such a public place.

That picture of little Gwennie looking over broke my heart! I am glad you got to meet Janet, (I personally think she is great), but still, what a truly hard morning.

Thank you for sharing, it can't be easy going over it again. Hang in there Leaner, we are all behind you!

MBH's wife said...

Wow, we didn't even get that. I guess because my hubby didn't belong to a unit anymore??? He got orders, the Army made all the air arrangements, and he was gone 30 days later. Hang in there,
BIG hugs to you and your children

tif-do said...

My thoughts are with you and your girls right now, I'm grateful for him, you, and your daughters sacrifices for us all.

Sara said...

I don't know how you held it together when I want to cry just seeing the pictures. We'll be here for you to get through this deployment.

bodaat said...

That last pic made me tear up.

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