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For some reason, Alice prefers the company of our dog to our other cats. She will hiss at the cats, then will rub on Lily as she walks past. This gets Lily worked up. Lily wants to chase and play. But she isn't allowed. Therefore I will let her lay as close to Alice as she wants without touching. (You can really see Alice's stripes in that picture. What do you suppose Lily is thinking? And yes, that is a playground whistle near Alice's back end. No, she wasn't doing anything with it.)

Alice's abscess is healing quite well. The hole the veterinarian left on her stomach is healing over and no more pus is coming out. She is really easy to give pills. I worried about it, and bought some wet cat food hoping to hide it in there. I don't have to. I just open her mouth, drop the pill in the back center of her mouth and shut it. She swallows the pill easily and doesn't even complain. Nor does she complain when I pour hydrogen peroxide on her wound. Lily would whine and pull away whenever we had to pour it on her toe back when she ripped the claw off. I am so thankful that Alice is calm about all of this. Considering what she has been through since we adopted her, I am even more thankful that she is such a laid back cat. (Well, besides the midnight crazies that she gets into every night. When she runs from one side of the room to the other and then back again, using my bed, and my face as jumping point.)
This is Floh, she wants to be Alice's friend. Every day she will go up, slowly and carefully to Alice and sniff at her. Alice hisses, Floh hisses, and then they walk off in different directions. I know that in time they will be alright with each other. I just have to be patient. We decided to paint a little today. And yes, we staying in our pajamas all day. It happens some times. The girls have been fairly good today. I am looking forward to school starting. Only one more day. And hopefully I will not stay sick, because yesterday my head was a-drip. Lets hope that it was all from moving dusty furniture. I rearranged my bedroom and moved Gwennie's bed into Rhayn's room. I attempted to let Gwennie sleep in there, but after an hour I made her come lay with me. It is sort of like Rhayn now has a king sized bed, with the two twins butted up against one another. I know she liked the idea of it. We'll see how she feels in a few weeks.

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Mo said...

Lily is soooo good with your new pussy cat! :) (I guess she is used to cats though).

We were back at school today. YAY! I do love those wearing pyjamas all day days though!

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