That Is NOT Red Felt.

There was a bloodbath at my house today.

Our dog was playing outside, when I heard a high pitched painful yelp. Now this wasn't the first time I heard a noise like that. Yesterday a little chihuahua came into our yard (not the first time for this either, we used to be visited by a male chihuahua named "Mickey Mouse," he had the hugest testicles I have ever seen.) This little guy was scared half to death by our dog's over exuberance at wanting to play with him. He cowered and she danced around him enticingly. I opened the back door and rescued the pup from the love that Lily wanted to bestow upon him.

Then I took him outside and tried to find his home. He hadn't stopped shaking the entire time I held him. I am almost positive the he lives to the north of us. There is a family that just moved in and they have some yipping things in their yard. I let him go, I know bad me. But I didn't know what else to do. The neighbors were not home, and he ran and curled up on their door step. So I left him.

Today when I heard the sound that I heard, that high pitched squeally noise, I immediately stood up, and opened the door. Lily ran in, and there was no little yipper in the back yard. (She had not hurt him the day before, just scared him and he squealed like a pig in pain.) I sat back down to knit the square I am making for our farmyard co-op. Lily ran about for a moment then sat down near her bed and started to lick in an out of control fashion. I commanded her to stop a few times, but she went back to it.

When I looked over, without my glasses on, without proper light, I thought that she had ripped up something red. Maybe a piece of red felt. There were pieces of it every where. Grrrr, I was mad. So I stood up and walked over to her. Wait, that isn't felt. That red stuff, that is wet. Oh. My. Gosh. That. Is. Blood. Her face is bloody, she has blood all over her. Panic in my mind. She is a pitbull, right? Did she kill that little rat dog? Panic, fear. Then I noticed her foot was bleeding. Did he bite her? I finally was able to calm myself enough to look at what was wrong.

Stupid dog had ripped one of her claws off. Her right back leg is missing the outer most claw. Mind you at this point there was blood every where, her face was not bloody, it was all from her toe. I yell for Rhayn to come help me. I grab a few paper towels and have Rhayn sit on the floor by her holding her paw and applying just a little pressure to the leg in hopes of stanching the bleeding. Then I get out the hydrogen peroxide and Spot Shot and tackle the mess. She had run all over the downstairs, around the island in our kitchen, towards the stairs (luckily the baby gate was shut and she didn't get blood upstairs.) It was a mess.

The little rat dog was no where near our house. He had nothing to do with the bloodbath my carpet received. And our dog is still a really good girl, even is she is missing a claw.

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