From 2 to 1

2nd Lieutenant McHotty moved up in rank recently. (He is now a 1st Lieutenant.) This means a pay increase and also a black bar instead of the gold one. We had a little ceremony where he received his new black bar.
Gwen tearing off Daddy's old rank.
Rhayn placing Daddy's new rank on.

The whole familia.

After the ceremony we went out to our favorite curry house. Rhayn and I enjoyed some tandoori chicken. Although it looks like we were just enjoying cheetos, instead. Our dinner was perfect, spicy and flavorful. It really hit the spot, as I have been craving curry from that particular restaurant for weeks.

Its tandoori, not cheetos, I swear.

Will has often commented that while in uniform he has people come up and thank him for his service, as well as occasionally (although rarely) paying for his meal. I have seen the thanking, it is most prevalent at the airport. But tonight he was thanked while we ate dinner at a curry house. It was sweet and heartfelt. I would be embarrassed if they were thanking me, I feel embarrassed when the Army folk tell the spouses and families that their soldiers are so much better off with supportive families. Even though I know that it is true. It happened tonight, the major thanked "Lt. McHotty's beautiful wife and children for coming to help him receive his new rank." (Blush.)

As we got up to pay our dinner bill the waiter, in broken English, told us that our dinner was paid for, we only owed $3. Both Will and I looked at him, thinking maybe he was mistaken. No, the woman who had thanked Will so fully had also paid for our dinner. Our $3 was from an extra order of raita and gulab jamun that we ordered after she paid. It isn't as if we were hurting for money, but the sentiment of her actions touched me in such a strong way. It filled me with a happiness and sadness. Really just filled me with emotions that I am not used to feeling. I know that this war is stupid. To me its never been about the "fight against terrorism". But as long as our brothers, fathers, husbands, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and sons are deployed, it is all about them. It is about supporting the soldiers who fight for whatever reason. The men and women who continue to serve and fight for us, while we stay home. Those men and women who are away from their families and friends. It makes my heart ache with pride when our soldiers are thanked for serving, even though I feel a little embarrassed. They need to know that we love and support them, every single one of them.


HomeSlice said...

i love it when people do nice things unprompted like that lady did. the pics are great - and made me hungry!!!

Mo said...

What a heart warming story! I am sure it helps you a little to know that so many people are behind your hubby all the way.

I LOVE the picture of all of you! What a lovely family, and your dress looks especially gorgeous! :)

leaner said...

Thanks Mo! It is the one I made myself... and I am proud of it.

Amie said...

aww, that's sweet!

bodaat said...

Loved your post. It made my heart twinge a little with a mix of emotions. I just saw my friend last week who is also being deployed in early September. It was incredibly hard to say goodbye. I agree that it has nothing to do with whether you agree with the war or not - it's about loving and supporting our friends and family who are out there fighting the battles that we can't. Many tight hugs to you. My heart is with yours.

Amy said...

I agree with Mo, that dress looks fabulous on you. And the family picture is priceless. The expressions on the girls faces....they look so happy and proud of their papa. : )

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