Breaking Down.

I am having a really hard time getting over my depression. I took the girls shopping today (retail therapy anyone?) But it didn't help. The only thing I bought para me was Breaking Dawn. Alright, I totally forgot it was out. I felt totally out of the loop when my sister and my sister-in-law were going on and on about it. My sister saying she only had 150 pages left. My cousin was almost done. Amie had finished and posted about it. (I did not read your post, I am that strong. But I really wanted to.)

Have you ever felt like you are totally outside of the joke? I felt that way when the commercials with the guys saying "Wassup!" I didn't (and still don't) get it. Why is that funny? Why did everyone walk around saying "WASSUP!" to each other for months afterwards? WHY!?

Back to buying the book. I waited patiently through lunch and driving home to crack the book open. I set the girls up with a movie and some snacks and holed myself up in my room. I made it to page 300 by dinner time. Then I hurried downstairs, heated up last night's reruns (tasty pasta dish) and stuffed my face fast. I let the girls watch a second movie (Gwennie chose "Terkules" Rhayn had chosen Spiderwick earlier.) And by 7pm I had made it to page 511. I pause there, still aching to get back into the story. A little weirded out by the turns it has taken. A little mad because (*SPOILER*) Bella is a vampire now and didn't end up with Jacob like I wanted. But I am still engrossed like the others. And like the 7th Harry Potter book, I am probably going to drag out the last few pages. If its the end of the series then I really do not want it to end. But I do want to know how it ends. Does that make any sense at all?

I know that when the book is over, I will be depressed. Like I am at the end of any good series, only right now, I don't need more sadness.

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