Playdates, Pouts, and Pianos

Will is gone again. This time only for 5 days, then home for one day and off again for two months. Lets just say it isn't going over well with my bratlings. Luckily Rhayn had a play date today and that helped. I had planned to take them swimming, however Gwennie was losing it every few minutes this morning. Her crying was so bad I turned on the telly so she could watch Sesame Street (she loves Elmo.) I think it stayed on for 2 hours. I hate doing that, but they had woken up early in order to spend a few minutes with Will before he left and it made the grumpsters.

I want to keep the girls busy for the next two weeks. That is all that we have left of summer. I am planning play dates in my head and activities (Any one want to go to a water park with me? Or want to watch Gwennie so that I can take Rhayn to the water park?) Then there is the sewing I want to do. Seriously I have a few projects in my head. And possibly a few scrubs tops to sew for a great sister and sister in law.

Last night Rhayn was a mess. She had a cheap hand held fan from a birthday party and it had broken. She worked herself up so much over it, crying and sobbing. Will became upset, telling her to stop pouting. Now this is a source of contention between us. I understand that he doesn't want the girls to be hindered by pouting. However reprimanding them while they are upset only makes them pout/cry more. Also I want them to feel like they can cry to us, tell us what is wrong and feel like we will listen to their feelings. I know he wants them to feel like that, too. It is such a fine line between an OK amount of being upset about something and crying about it, and just pouting too long. I also think that Rhayn was allowing herself to cry over the broken fan instead of crying about Daddy leaving. I mean she gets upset about things breaking, but that was excessive I think.

I think I may have found a sewing cabinet that will work for me on Craigslist. I love perusing the listings on there. My most recent searches have been for "sewing machine cabinet", "Sewing machine table", "craft table", and "piano." Heck, I can pound out a tune on a piano and it would be nice to have one for the girls to tinker on. (I know I will regret buying one, when the girls are banging away.) Will wants to buy one when he gets home. I am searching our options and seeing how much it will cost us. Thus far it seems $500 will get us a fairly decent, needs to be tuned, piano. I grew up with a piano in the house and although I am not musical in any way other than the musical fruit way, I like to try. Will probably can play better than I, especially if we get a metronome.

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Sara said...

I do not blame the girls (all of you) for taking daddy's leaving bad. That must be so tough. Hope you can fill the time with as much as possible to make it speed along.

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