Photo Challenge: A Moment to Myself

The things I do when I get a moment to myself seem so silly. If I were still in possession of my teenaged brain I would slap myself. Although these pictures show the one thing I love and have always loved, and will continue to love until I die. A Library. Our public library is pleasantly located on the shore of a man made pond (as they all are in this lovely city.) If it weren't 110 degrees outside, I would grab a book and a blanket and lay there, next to the stinky pond watching the clouds roll over me. But it is 110 degrees, and I will sit inside of the library. Usually these moments are quick, and they are so rare, those moments to myself. And I will take that forty five minute trip to the grocery store as time to center myself. The things I like to do alone if I can actually make time for them:
  • Catching a movie alone
  • Taking a bath, with a good book
  • Walking around a store, especially one with clothes I want to try on.
  • Resting in my bed
  • Looking at books in the library (and smelling those lovely old book smells.)
  • Grocery shopping (much easier alone than with two kids "helping")
  • Getting a pedicure
What do you do when you have a moment to yourself?


HomeSlice said...

sound like a lovely list!

Sara said...

All options sound good to me. When does the free time come?

Alicia said...

I heart my library, too. I'm lucky enough to have 2 really great libraries in the area, one near my home and the other right down the road from my office. I could hang out at the library all day.

The rest of your list sounds so tempting. I haven't caught a movie by myself in years.

Christina said...

Ah, library love! That's a great list, I totally agree.

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