Another Movie Review

It has been a few days since I have been on. Which is strange to me. I have been busy trying to do things, like figuring out how to have a night out with Will.

We were able to Monday night due to one of the best brothers ever and his wife. They came up and watched the girls. They even brought their dog along to play with Lily. She loved that. Will and I went to a Kabob place and saw what might possibly be the worst movie. Ever. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was dripping with cheese, hot, painful cheese. It was funny in a few places and I am glad I saw it. But I cringed more than one time because of the acting or the effects. I also spent a good deal of the movie rolling my eyes. I just could not believe how BAD it was! We could have seen The Dark Knight, which has received many good reviews, or even Mama Mia! which may have been more entertaining.

I wish we were able to go out more often. I always feel more connected to him when we have some time away from the girls. I really need to find a good babysitter in our area. Any tips on how to find one?

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