A Whole Lotta Sewing

Somedays you just wake up feeling creative. Well, I do. Today was one of those days. I sewed two dresses and a shoulder bag. Whew, now for my least favorite part of sewing- the clean up. Anyone want to organize my fabric? It is such a mess that I can hardly find anything. And most of it is remnants that I hang on to for whatever reason.

I made today's dress pattern from one of Rhayn's Hawaiian dresses. (Yes that means I did not use a pattern. I hate patterns, that tissue paper crap, ugh its frustrating. I use parchment paper to make the patterns I make.) We picked the dress up at a consignment store months ago, and I love that it doesn't have a zipper or buttons. Rhayn had found the dragon fabric at Joann's the last time we were there (I found the apple/pear fabric) she picked out the purple flower calico for the top part. Personally I don't think they go together, but it was a dress for her, not me. She loves it, and it adds to her dress collection, and IT IS NOT PINK. It also has the most important thing for a girl on the go- pockets. We have to have pockets around here.

Gwen did wear her dress for a while this afternoon, but I made her take it off when she was eating blueberries. (I did not spend two hours sewing it for it to have bluish purple stains on it the very same day.)
The front. The back, the fact that the pear in the crossed part matches up is a total coincidence. Seriously, I didn't even try. I was too busy trying to make sure that the apples and pears all faced the right direction!

I made a bag for Rhayn, as she received her library card yesterday and needs a place to hold her books and her card (I made a small velcroed pocket inside, you can see it when the navy blue corduroy fabric is out.) I used this tutorial by Lula Louise, that I found via a Google search. Pretty nice, fairly easy. The only hard part was sewing the bottom on, and I didn't really "get it" until I was half way through the bottom of the dragon side.

Dragon fabric side. I like this as the outside better. "Inside" or navy corduroy side. See the strip of white?
That is the velcro pocket, just the right size for a library card!

I have more things to write about, because yesterday I made JAM! but I haven't had the energy to post those pictures or write about it. I have also been feeling a little under the weather, and am trying to rest to keep it from turning into more.


Mo said...

I think I've told you this before but you are SO clever! I don't think I could sew even with a pattern. Everything looks lovely, really!

My sister got the sewing gene in our family, and I got the other gene, though I'm not quite sure what that was still :)

Beth said...

The bag and the dresses look fabulous! Thank you for visiting my blog and linking to it. (You don't need to take down the links. It's perfectly okay with me.)

lvh said...

Sometimes we try to match fabrics so much that we miss out on some really cute stuff - I love Rhayn's dress and think the two fabrics go together just fine. Keep up that creativity.

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