It Has No End

My dearest friend is moving tomorrow. She has been one of the people that has made my life fun and exciting. She compliments my personality and makes me feel so special.

I thought she would be here while Will was deployed, my sanity and strength. When she told me that they were moving my heart dropped and bounced on the asphalt we were walking through. It has been months since she told me, and I have held it together by not thinking about it too much. But in the last few weeks, it has gotten more and more difficult to ignore the inevitability of her move. Today she brought her three children over for our final play date. We kept it light, except for a few heart-wrenching moments and misty eyed talks.

She gave us gifts. For me a nice jar of green tea, because she knows that I really enjoy it. Her daughter E, gave Rhayn, her classmate, her dear friend, a copy of the book which brought on the entire class calling Rhayn "Weasel," or "Wainscott Weasel." Her daughter A, who is younger than Gwen, but her best buddy, gave Gwennie a rocking elephant. Apparently it was handed down to A by a member of the school community and my friend was told to pass it on if she ever moved, to keep it within our community. Whenever we had gone to their house Gwen would rock and love on the elephant, and it was a perfect gift for her. We took pictures to remember each other. Pictures of the kids, playing talking, laughing.

When it was time for them to leave. We walked them out, and E told Rhayn,
Make new friends and keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold.
And I replied,
A circle is round it has no end,
That is how long I want to be your friend.

And what a perfect way to say "See you later" to such good friends.


HomeSlice said...

that's a beautiful saying. i hope you guys can stay in touch and stay close! friends are SO necessary :-)

Alicia said...

Oh, a Brownie song. At least I learned it in Brownies. So very fitting.

Christina said...

Aw, how sweet, that's one of our favorite Scouting songs too. I hope you guys can stay in close touch, it sucks when a good friend moves.

Mo said...

I can totally relate! Have just been through that myself. It is so hard! :(

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