Don't Take Away My Rights

Read this article.
This is going to become a battle. Homebirthers are well educated and fight for their rights, tooth and nail, all the way. If the AMA and ACOG chose to pursue the legislation that they are talking about this will be all over the news before long.

It seems like those doctors feel threatened by women who want choices. Threatened by women who say birth is natural and our bodies are strong. If women start believing in our bodies, and the "magical power" our bodies have to fight to survive, then women will help their children believe it, too. As the years go by, we will go to doctors less and less for trivial little things that hey can't help us with anyway. The pharmaceutical companies will actually need to spend time developing cures for things like CANCER and AIDS, and not things like pills to help women grow eyelashes.

Really, how likely is that to happen? There are many people now who rarely go to the doctor (myself included... oh wait, I am one of those crazy homebirthers, aren't I?) Americans are not, on the whole, ever going to get off of their asses and do something to better their lives. That is not the American, get rich quick and have a beautiful body, dream. We as a people are l-a-z-y. We love movies where heroedom is thrown into an unsuspecting normal person, while he whines about it being too hard (Luke Skywalker.) But really, the only way to insure that we will do well in life it to actually do something. Get off of your bottom, turn off the television, or computer, and get out of the house. Just do something.

I can tell you that I will be doing something to help the Midwives and Homebirthers of America retain their right to practice midwifery, and birth where they choose. I don't know how, but I will.

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HomeSlice said...

this whole topic makes me so angry i can barely see straight. tangent: the midwifery practice i used with arden was run out of a regular ob/gyn's practice. turns out they closed the midwives down - yeah, they were taking too many patients away from the doctors. could it be that patients enjoyed spending more than 5 minutes with their doctor? what ob would have rubbed my back for 9 hours of labor? none. they can't afford it.

and yes,leaner, i do think many medical professionals are threatend by alternative birthing methods, especially homebirths. call it what you will, but they see their dollar bills walking out of the hospital. those i've known who have done a homebirth have been the most well-educated women i know. it's a personal choice and it makes me crazy that this is happening. end of my rant.

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