Be Jealous.

Recently we purchased a new camera. Why? Well our last camera that we bought for taking pictures of scenery was damaged by a scratch on the lens. When you take pictures with it, as long as you are cautious of where the sun/light is the pictures are still good. But nearly half of the pictures taken with it have a blur spot in them. I admit it was probably my fault. I walked around, tourist style with the camera around my neck, with the lens cap popping off all of the time. Sometimes I tossed the camera over my shoulder like a purse. I didn't watch where it was. I had kids to watch, and the camera? Not as valuable as their lives are.

I asked for a nice compact camera to carry in my purse. Then for Christmas I received a second compact camera (Will was taking the original one with him, and the one I received was a screaming Black Friday deal at Target.) I love my camera, I take great pictures with it.

One day as we were looking at something on Flickr, we noticed that the camera that took the pictures was a Nikon CoolPix. I drool over those all of the time, since a certain well known blogger uses one to take pictures that I am so envious of. We found one, maybe not the high quality SLR CoolPix that SHE uses, but it was a new model made for the novice photographer like we are. I expressed my utter desire to be cool like HER and how even though I know we will never be rich MAC people, maybe, just maybe we could have a camera like HERS. His answer? For about half an hour he looked at that camera, he read reviews and came to the conclusion that we could get better functionality by buying this Canon.

We stepped away from the purchase and went to my brother's wedding reception. The next day he told me that he ordered it. You see he had sold a guitar pedal eight months ago and wouldn't you know that money was still in his PayPal account. It more than enough to buy the camera.

The camera he bought has a lot of great features. It has a great zoom, and I can't wait to really get to know that camera. I thought we would take a lot of pictures of scenery (it came the day we left for Prescott last week.) But no, we have a lot of pictures like this one (notice the dogs fighting in the background, oh Lily was loving that beagle.):

And this one: He took it from across the room and I had no idea he was snapping pictures while I was stretching. We never stopped and took any scenery pictures, but we have a long time with this new camera.

(Alright, I will admit that I am posting those pictures of my self to show off my tan. It is quite golden isn't it?)


HomeSlice said...

awesome tan, but even more awesome camera! that is the one I USE and i love, love, love it. i loved the pictures. can't wait to see more.

... said...

You just want to come to the BBQ/swim because you want to show off your tan??

Amie said...

dang, look how hawt and skinny you are!!

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