Daycare Woes (Yes, back to that.)

I want to take classes this semester. Sounds easy enough, right? It should be. I should be able to just register and then happily go to class starting the end of August.

The big problem? Finding day care for my little Goober. I took the big plunge and just paid (via credit card) for the two classes that I want to take. This gives me a full month and a half to find a good place for her, or to be a chicken and get a refund for the classes. I don't want to chicken out this time. Last semester I felt that I had a good excuse- Will receiving his deployment call. Yes, I can still use that excuse, can't I? He leaves our state in September. That is stressful, and scary and I think taking two classes (I registered for Spanish 101 and World Religions) will really help the time go by. I think it would be good for my Goo to go to a day care. I just have to repeat- I WILL NOT CHICKEN OUT, over and over.

What do I want in a day care? A few things- I want to feel comfortable dropping her off. It needs to be on my way to take Rhayn to school. Gwennie needs to be comfortable there. I would like it if they spoke Spanish, I think that would be awesome for her to learn Spanish, while I am learning it (but that is not a make or break it deal.) I will not take her to one of those child care factories (Tutor Time.)

I was on the childcare website that I have used in the past to find child care and also to offer child care. I felt overwhelmed by the names. They offer so little information about themselves and what they do with the children. I wish there was a questionnaire that they filled out and that the client filled out to see if they match instead of having to call around to all of them.

There is a part of me that doesn't want to leave my Gwennie Goo just yet. It says "She is still a baby, she will be big soon enough, she will be at school soon enough. Why in such a hurry to make her grow up?" This voice hurts me, it slices deep into the root of why I may "chicken out." I know she is not even 3 and I know that before long, she will be starting school and all of that. I know that I want to feel like I really gave her my all before sending her off to school. But I know that for me- taking classes would be a good idea.

And yes- I know there are always online courses, but I won't have the ability to study without the kids often enough, and I want to enjoy the courses I take, and online ones are not as fun to me. They also take discipline and structure. I just feel better taking in person courses (especially since I plan on taking a language.)


HomeSlice said...

it's so hard. i treated daycare like a did a therapist - you have to kind of try them out to see if things work for you. the best thing i've found is sending out a mass email to everyone i know in town and asking for referrals, then systematically going through the referrals for comfort level. good luck, and congrats on the school thing! YOU WILL NOT CHICKEN OUT!

Christina said...

I agree with Homeslice, asking for referrals from friends is a good start, then test drive! With my eldest we visited 4 different preschool/daycare centers before we found the right one. It was the one where during our test drive, she kicked me out and told me to go home. In none of the others would she let me leave. I knew it was the right place for her, and I'm sure you'll find that kind of place too. And congrats on taking classes, that's awesome! I'm so jealous you're going to get to learn Spanish!

InMyHead said...

When K was 4 years old, I went back to work. I fretted, cried, paced and stayed up late into the night worrying about K. And I knew and loved the person he was staying with. I know your pain and frustration. I also know that you really need this distraction and it could be really good for G. Have you asked our lovely handwork group host? She speaks Spanish, cooks yummy food and has a daughter G's age. I would do it if I didn't have to have a jobby job. Kisses and loves!! I miss you! Let's get together soon!

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