Will's flight came in last night around 9:40. We watched it come into town on FlightView and right before he landed we loaded up and headed out of the house. Gwennie was asleep within minutes. We pull into the airport loop and he calls, they landed and he is headed down to get his luggage. I drive into the cell phone lot and wait for him to call and let me know he has his baggage so that we can just do a curbside pick up.

The cell phone lot is the best idea. We watched the flights coming in, we sat in our car and listened to the Flobots. Although I would have preferred to meet him inside, this way worked well with a sleeping child.

We were home by about 10:20.

He had to report for duty this morning, you know the "One weekend a month" crap. He didn't even get to be home for twelve hours before he had to leave again. The girls are sad because they don't get to spend the day with Daddy, but they know he is close and he will be home this afternoon.

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Mo said...

Enjoy your precious time together! :)

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