Whole Lot of Bouncing FUN

Last night we went to a birthday party at a BounceU. From the second Rhayn found out that we were going, she buzzed with excitement. Gwennie, not so much. When we walked into the room of bounces, Gwennie clung to my leg, and said "I'm scared." Rhayn had her shoes off and was gone before I could pick up Gwennie and swing around. I didn't see her for about twenty minutes as I tried unsuccessfully to get Gwennie to play on the bounces.

Gwennie and Rhayn played with these bumper cars for a little while. Gwennie played longer than Rhayn the spazz.

When we had been in the bounce area for almost an hour, Gwennie asked me if I would go in the bounce with her. We went in and played Ring Around The Roses with Rhayn for a minute or two before she once again zipped off to play somewhere else. Gwennie and I stayed in that bounce and I sat on the floor while she bounced to her hearts content.

After the bouncing came pizza time (followed by cake and ice cream time.) When Gwennie saw the plates had puppies on them, she didn't want her pizza to cover the puppy. She also gave the puppy a bite of her pizza after she took a bite. At home Gwennie told Daddy, "I love a bounce!" But I am almost positive that she would once again be scared of them. Walking in the room filled with them is overwhelming. The sound of air compressors, and screaming, albeit joyfully, children could make one apprehensive. I hope that we don't have another of these parties for a long time. Once a year is good for that (we went to one last June, too.)

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