It Hurts, But It Must Be Done

A few weeks ago, as the temperatures soared above 100 for the first time this year, I noticed that our upstairs air was just not kicking in like it should. Since Will was scheduled to be home shortly, I chose to wait and deal with it together.

We sweltered in our bedroom, ceiling fan on, oscillating fans on both sides of the bed, naked, to be able to sleep. Last night figured out that the ceiling fan was on reverse and therefore not helping to cool the room, instead it was helping the room stay hot. Geesh, that makes me feel brilliant. I thought it was not working very well, but assumed that the fan was just not as powerful as we originally thought it would be. We had just put it in in March, and I assumed that it was going in the correct direction. See what I get for assuming?

A few days ago Will said, "Enough, Call and have someone check it out and see if it just needs refrigerant." It felt like the coolant was missing, like when our car's air conditioner needs a recharge.

This morning the technician came out. He checked the coolant and told us that there is a leak somewhere. It would cost $120 on top of the $75 fee we were already being charged to find the leak. Fine, what must be done, right? He looks outside, and finds nothing, so heads to the attic.

Later on, after Will has to leave for an appointment, the tech comes down. Not good news. You see the indoor coil was leaking. The coil is filled with coolant, and the air blows over it, sending cool air into the house. Since the coil was not being cooled properly, the air coming out of the vents was not as cool as it could be. The coil itself is under warranty, however labor is not. And its not cheap. Not cheap at all.

I suppose that having a well functioning until will make the summer more bearable, and we will be happier, but at nearly a grand, this service is painful, and will sting for a while.


Mo said...

Ouch! It is bad enough having to spend money like that, but on something not fun like AC it feels even worse doesn't it?

Alex's Human said...

I totally feel bad for you and your a/c problems (as I finally open my windows today for the first time in two weeks and think to myself that I can actually put my heater away and be thankful for the summer).. I've had heating issues for the past two winters, but at least I could put on more clothes. There's no way to pretend it's not freakin hot :)

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