Splish Splash

Since Will has been home, I have been sick, the whole time. Mostly a not too bad cold, but as the days of it wear on, my head stuffiness worsens, my nasal passages are dry and sore, my snot is bright green, and I want to lay in bed and sleep. Instead, I will be taking the girls to their first swim lesson later on this morning. I promised Rhayn we would swim more this summer. I thought I would be over this cold by today when I signed them up for a four days a week for two weeks class.

And I have to get in the pool, too. Because Gwennie needs to be in the Parent and Child class. I think she might have been able to do Level 1, but I didn't know and Rhayn is in Level 1.

Also? I haven't told them about the swim lessons, because quite frankly, I could not handle their enthusiasm this morning. Is that rotten? Maybe I will tell them in a little while, I mean I have to tell them before we leave because we have to put on swimsuits. (Have I ever mentioned my dislike of the swim suit? That small scrap of fabric that stretches over the body and shows off every little flaw? Yuck, yuck, yuck. I think my body is fairly nice, considering I have two children and am thirty, but a swimsuit just makes me feel gross.)

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Mo said...

We have been doing the park and rec' lessons as well. Such great value, and at least it gets us out of the house on these hot summer days. Otherwise I might be tempted to stay in and hibernate all day!

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