I wish I had something insightful to say. I have nothing. My brain feels like mush, and I want to sleep. This thing with Chas Roberts is ridiculous. Will and I sat down and wrote what happened this morning. We sent a complaint to the BBB about this. I had to call them twice yesterday. The first time they left a message for the technician that should have been at our house. But at 5:30 when I still had no information nor was my air conditioner in top working order, I called back. Will came home, and I was seething on the phone. I was shaking from anger. I don't get angry easily. But they had passed my threshold.

When we finally received information, the customer service person told us that the technician didn't even have our part and they would call us when it comes in.


I still get angry about that. Because if they just told us that they didn't have the part, and that they would call us when they had the part in hand I wouldn't be upset.

Alright, let me stop there, because I work myself into a tither over this dumbness. I did read a book while I was waiting for the technician. I finished Eclipse. Let me just say, that all the things you have heard about these books are true. These books, the Twilight Saga, are the most compelling, interesting, invigorating, frustrating books I have ever read. J.K. Rowlings holds nothing on Stephanie Meyer. She is absolutely the best author that I have read. It doesn't hurt that she lives in Phoenix area, that makes her so much cooler in my head. Here is a glowing article about her in the Phoenix New Times from a little less than a year ago (its long, but well worth reading. Seriously, if you didn't want to read the books before... this article will make you want to- I mean you Dacheese. And Hairball? You had better read the darn books, too. You, too Mom.)

I wish I had the words to write how these books make me feel. Its like getting lost in an imaginary land. They are the epitome of good books. I am just in awe of these books, and how easily you become Bella, in her head, in her world, in love with a vampire.

I think that there are two big things that make her story, and these books really hit me hard. She was a stay at home mom when she wrote them, and the first written just as she turned thirty.

My biggest goal in life is to write a book, it is really hard to admit that, to allow myself to write it and think it. It scares me to think that I may never complete that goal. Chances are low that it will be as well received as Stephanie Meyer's books have been, but she started writing it for herself, not for the fame it would bring her. She is quoted as saying she thought it was just a cheesy "Vampire Romance" but the characters were so real to her.


... said...

my mother inlaw and sister inlaw read these books. I think that I should read them. I just havent.

Christina said...

I follow your blog, but usually never comment. I had to comment now because I love meeting new Twilighters. Meyer's books definitely will make you obsessed with them. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about twilightmoms.com It's for women over 25 who love the Twilight series. You may want to check it out. Have a good day.

HomeSlice said...

thanks for the book review. i will pick them up. additionally, it is also my dream to write a book -someday!

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