Chas Roberts...

I do want to mention that our air conditioner is not totally broken. It does work, just not as well as it should. It is just leaking coolant. I think I mentioned that before, but I think it was lost in the anger I felt over the way we have been treated by this company.

As for going with another company- well then we would have to start over and pay the "diagnostic fee" and probably the "find the leak fee" and the "come to our house fee" and the "please bend over fee." (Oh, wait, did I just say that?) By that time it would be a few more weeks and I, at this point, just want it done.

Do a Google search for Chas Roberts- I am on the third page of results! Yeah, that is the highest I have been when not actually Googling my own blog. (You know you do it, too, so shush.)


Alex's Human said...

Yeah, it's that "please bend over fee" that always gets you in the end..


Anonymous said...

Hi! We too are having problems with Chas Roberts--or as my sister calls them, Cash Roberts!

They have been out seven times in the last two weeks and my AC is still not fixed. It is doing exactly what it was doing before. The thermostat just doesn't think it is as cool as it really is and runs constantly and won't cool the house below 82.

We went from using too high quality of an air filter, to being low on coolant with no leaks, to being low on coolant with a little leak, to being really low on coolant with a really big leak (evaporative coil in attic), to having poorly laid out duct work--which they installed--to putting a damper in one of the ducts to divert the air to the hotter parts of the house--which didn't work--to being able to use more insulation!

Needless to say, we are not happy.

Good luck to you.

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