No Longer a First Grader

Today was the last day of first grade or class 1 for Rhayn. In an odd turn of events it was freaking freezing this morning. I mean the news said it was 54 when we were in the car on the way to school. We had had to scramble around the house looking for sweaters and such just to layer and bundle up this morning.

On the first day of school the new eighth grade class gave the new first grade class a rose. For the last day of school, the first graders passed a rose back to the graduating eighth graders. It was a little odd because there were only eight eighth graders, and twenty-four (I think) first graders. But it was a lovely ceremony. Every one headed back to their classes and the first graders performed a play called The White Snake for the second graders and the parents. Rhayn was the duck in the story who ate the ring. She has to be slayed, and slit open. She did a great job and made the weirdest death noise. It made me giggle. A few parents mentioned that she did a good job dying. It figures, she is so dramatic all of the time. I knew she would be an actress.

Gwennie and I stayed around the school, and had some food at the early childhood potluck. Just inserting myself in the line for food like I belonged. (Really my friend J, asked me to come with her.) When school was over we slowly walked to the car, me and my second grader.

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