Today was hard. I want to curl up in bed and sleep. I do not want to do anything else. But I know that I don't have that luxury as a mom.

Instead I took Lily in for her rabies and booster shots. The Vet gave her a clean bill of health and said she is good for three years. We brought Lily home. She only weighs forty four pounds, I was sure she was at least fifty.

Goo and I headed to the library for a bit of reading. I found some fun books in the for sale section. But after that I resisted the temptation to drive to Sonic for a soda (hard to do), instead I came home and made some nachos (well, grated cheddar on tortilla chips or "tee torra ships" and Goo calls them.)

I decided to prep dinner because I needed to use the vegetables that Will wanted but never got around to eating while he was here (spinach, yellow squash and zucchini.) So I tossed them into a pie pan with a can of diced tomato and vegetable broth. I hope it comes out edible. So it is spinach and tomatoes covered with broth and kidney beans and a layer of the sliced squash on the top. It is baking right now so we will soon see how it comes out.

The bread maker was staring me down, so I gathered my ingredients for some wheat germ bread. I followed my bread machines instructions; liquids first, then flour and finally yeast.
It was nearly time to get Rhayn from school so I left the dough in the machine while I headed out. This gave it extra time to rise.A loaf doesn't seem as much fun as rolls. I cut the dough and rolled it into snakes and knotted them.

They were set aside to rise a little more. Light airy rolls are my goal here.

I often make up things as I go along, with everything but regularly with recipes . I start with a "tried and true" type recipe (one we have made over and over with good or great results) and change this and that to make it my own. These rolls are basically a french bread recipe with only half the white bread flour called for and the other half is whole wheat. Then thrown in for nuttiness is about a 1/2 cup of wheat germ (added health benefits, too!) Simple, but it give a totally different taste and crunch.

*****My dinner tasted good, it was a little too runny though. The girls did not like it. I guess that means I get to enjoy it for a few more days.


Mo said...

Wow, of course I am impressed! Loved the step by step pics as well. Makes it crystal clear even for bread machine failures such as myself.

So do you add the wheatgerm as well as the usual amount of flour, or in substitution for some of the flour? MMmmmm, they look delicious, and the veggie's sound good as well. :)

leaner said...

I added the wheat germ in addition to sort of. The recipe called for 3 1/4 cups of flour. I did 1 1/2 cup bread flour, 1 1/2 cup wheat and then 1/2 cup of wheat germ.

Thanks, the bread machine makes bread easy peasy!

tif-do said...

I would gladly come eat that leftover squash with you if I could. I love squash... and its a bit of a rare thing here in cold country.

purplelurple said...

Wow that bread looks yummy. I will have to get that recipe from you, and see if your brother likes it.

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