MamaMonday: Change

Change is a good thing, right?

Since Will was here last week, we ate meat every day. We ate a lot of cow. A LOT. I love steak, don't get me wrong, but while he was gone before we rarely ate meat. I had the girls down to once or twice a week. And it was good. I felt good, all those tasty vegetables. I mean there are so many! And tofu, if prepared properly, is nummy. While he was here, well lets just say, my normal regularity was backed up, from eating differently.

I am changing our diet. I am taking the family not to complete vegetarian, but to partial.
  • I will not serve them meat more than twice a week.
  • I will make sure our meals involve more than one vegetable.
  • I will feel better about myself and the way I eat.
  • I will make fresh bread at least once a week.
  • I will not feed them McDonalds (which I HATE, but they love and we eat there once a month.)
So if anyone has a few good recipes that do NOT involve meat, pass them along! I need ideas that are kid friendly!


Mo said...

Men are funny aren't they with their need for meat. I have one of those as well. If I ever cook a completely veggie meal, he kind of sees it as a side dish. He is getting a bit better, and does eat tofu willingly which I suppose is quite liberated for a confirmed meat eater.

I love any of the "Moosewood" cookery books. They are mainly vegetarian with a few fish recipes.

I also like "Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" by Robin Robertson. I love cooking beans in the slow cooker as well, and this book is great for that because they were rather daunting for me to start with. (I LOVE to use my slow cooker for veggie meals. Just sling in a load of veggies with a bit of stock, and seasoning, and leave for a few hours. You may need to experiment a bit with timing so you don't get soggy veg like I did the first few times).

I also love "This Can't Be Tofu!" by Deborah Madison, which demystified tofu for me after many years of not knowing what to do with it.

Finally "The Big Book of Vegetarian" by Kathy Farrell- Kingsley is also good and has good recipes that children love too. Well, mine do anyway. I am sure you can find all of these at the library, or at a good second hand bookstore.

Happy cooking, and please post a pic' of your bread after you have made it so that I can see what bread is really supposed to look like! :)

Mo said...

Oops, almost forgot "The Vegetarian 5- Ingredient Gourmet" by Nava Atlas is also GREAT! Probably my fave out of all those others. It is E.A.S.Y, lots of recipes suitable for kids, and really quick to cook. Very worth buying if you are in the market for a veggie cookbook.

O.K, that's me done, I promise!

Amie said...

well, there are alternatives of course, poultry and fish. We're not fish people (that statement sounds funny) but I just started using salmon more and we like it. I have a nice recipe for salmon cakes if you're interested. Also, we use tuna a lot and I Loooooooove Boca Burgers (soy). Good luck!

... said...

we make pep. and cheese strombolis but I think veggie strombolis would be good too!!


not sure about the mustard though!!

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