Isn't She Scary?

Lily loves her new grass. She is often sitting in this spot, under the shade of the mesquite tree. Sitting, pondering her new yard as the butterflies and bougainvillea blooms drift about on a warm breeze.

I thought we had a mighty guard dog. She would protect me from people who would try to hurt me. She would protect her yard, her territory. But no. She is really just a big tongue. She might bark once, to warn you of the licking that will soon take place. But protecting? Nah- Powderpuff Girl she isn't*.

Thursday the landscapers were coming in the yard, and normally I would have grabbed Lily and made her sit in the house, but I was outside with her at the time. I heard the gate, and went to grab her. She let out a single bark, and proceeded to give them the kind of love only fifty pounds of pitty can give. R laughed, saying it was alright if she stayed back there with them. But I was appalled that she wasn't the great protector of us. Sure, she had met them before, and they were not there to harm us. But I thought she would be my guard dog. I felt safer having her while Will is gone. Now? Not so much.

(*I want to write the word "ain't" there, instead of isn't. But everything in me will not let me post with THAT word on my blog. I dislike that word. It grates against my soul and sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. It screams HICK! and NOT EDUCATED! out of every letter. It bugs me to NO end. It is closely followed, in my list of words I dislike-no- hate, by the word "tain't" which Will picked up along with the dreaded "ain't" from a Texan co-worker. Every time he says them I just want to claw my ears off, just so that I don't have to hear them again.)


tif-do said...

It ain't gonna rain no more no more... that was the only sentance I could think of with ain't in it. Your yard looks beautiful!

Mo said...

Our dogs are completely all bark and no bite, but ssshhhhh, don't tell! :) I think that plentiful barking is enough very often. I really wouldn't want our dogs to be scarey or anything.

Your doggy looks so happy in that grass, ours love to roll around in ours as well, thought our patch isn't nearly as lush looking as that.

Thank you for adding me to your "reads" list! :)

Melissa said...

I share your complete and utter disdain for the word "aint". Hearing it sends shivers up my spine!

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